Hourly rate: $250.00

Full day rate (up to 10 hrs):   $2000.00

Additional cost for travel and other expenses.​

INCLUDE Session Fee, Digital Time and Pre & Post Production)


Session Fee: Similar to the Portrait “Session Fee”, this is the cost of the photo session.

Digital Time: Proofing, color correcting, retouching, digital filing & back-ups, sizing, file conversion & photo transmitting, are all included in “Digital Time”.

Pre & Post Production: Pre production is very often the most important part of a great photo shoot and is often over looked. Time spent before hand arranging and organizing everything will greatly help the shoot to run smoothly and quickly, saving you time and money in the long run. Post Production time is the time spent breaking down a set, and the follow-up to complete the job. ​ ​ Travel and Other Expenses Expenses can include, but are not limited to the following:•Mileage and other travel costs •Digital imaging costs •Shipping costs •Printing costs •Photographic assistants •Purchasing or rental of props •Hiring models •Parking and tolls.

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